The 10-State National Election

It’s very obvious that the national presidential election is actually just a battle in the ten swing states: Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

But what about the rest of us residing in the other 40 states? Are we not as important to the candidates?

Reality will tell us that it makes more sense for candidates to spend their millions of dollars and minimal time in states where they stand a chance at grabbing undecided voters. As opposed to my home state, New York, or even in Delaware where I attend college, it is universally understood that these states are likely to turn blue on November 6.

Up until today, I was okay with this. I’d rather not be bombarded with one negative campaign ad after the next. But my friend at the University of Miami just texted me a picture of her ticket to hear President Barack Obama this Thursday, October 11 in Coral Gables, Florida. This came a few weeks after this same friend sent me a picture of her Mitt Romney rally ticket in Miami.

I don’t know about the average college student, but wouldn’t it be awesome to hear the presidential candidates speak at school? What better way to hear both sides and objectively cast a vote, without having the media creating ideas for us to latch onto?

Even though I don’t live or attend school in a swing state, it would still be nice to have my fellow students exposed to national politics in a fun and engaging manner. Admittedly, Vice President Joe Biden came to campus last year as a UD alumni. But wouldn’t it be great to say, “I saw the President speak in person at my college?” I guess I can’t have the Vice-President and the presidential candidates too.


3 Unusual Table-Talk Discussions

On a Monday night while eating dinner at Panera, what would you talk about with your friends?

Classes. The weather. Your annoying roommate.

Roo students talked about some other things tonight over some delicious soups, sandwiches and salads.

Here are 3 topics we discussed concerning the news of today and the society of the future:

1.Solar Roadways: Next Generation

Imagine solar roadways that were made out of glass that could absorb the sun’s energy to power your homes, electric cars, television, and high-speed Internet? What would the gas and electrical companies have to say about this?

This is the technology of the future that needs to be invested in now!

Solar Roadways are still in the prototype development phase, but check out this awesome video explaining the idea, featured in YERT – Your Environmental Road Trip.

2. University of Delaware President’s Diversity Initiative

Roo at UD is working on submitting proposal to this competition that promotes cultural diversity, engagement among students, and a long-term sustainable program. I’d share our idea, but then I’d have to kill you if you stole it. So I’ll keep you in suspense until we submit it on October 12, 2012. Let the top 5 proposals win!

3. Whistle-Blowers’ for Obama; Wall Street for Romney

A New York Times article today highlighted one of Obama’s leading group of donors this year: whistle-blower lawyers. While these lawyers are reaping millions in benefits for filing federal fraud claims for wrong-doing clients,the Dodd-Frank Act is now another policy Romney wants to repeal in office. Is it already time to cut back on governmental oversight of the financial sector? The Great Recession of 2009 was not that long ago.


What do you think?

Are these topics important to you? Would you support any of these ideas?

Kristin’s Vision for 2040

When students first meet Roo at UD, we love to show them this mind-blowing and chilling video about Think | 2040. This vision-building activity is grounded into the framework of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network – our national student-run policy organization. We inspire millennials to turn their personal values into outcomes for the year 2040 that can be achieved through their own policy ideas.

This is what government is supposed to do. But I know millennials can do it better.

Each member of Roo at UD is encouraged to create their own vision for 2040 by putting it into a Prezi to share with other millennials.

So here is mine!

Kristin Fretz: Co-President of Roo at UD with a big vision for the future.